Book Chapter title « Le campus urbain » published

The formal print output for the Afield project Le The first formal print output for the Afield project Le campus urbain comme un espace postcolonial (The Urban Campus as Postcolonial Space) appears on the Penser créer l'urbain website in French here. (Contact Afield for an English-language translation here.)

Le campus urbain project is part of the larger Du terrain vague au campus urbain intégré project funded by the Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines (CRSH). The larger project represents a research-creation effort by interdisciplinary design practitioners and scholars from around the world to understand the impact of a new urban campus for the University of Montreal. Situated between an affluent community and a neighborhood of new "ethnic" (i.e., "non-white") Canadians, construction of the $350 million campus raises issues of race, gentrification, and socioeconomic inequality in a Montreal, Quebec, and Canada attempting to industrialise and capitalise "innovation."​

An e-book compilation of all projects is in the works, as well as a hard copy version.